About Us

About MCAN


The Muslim Corpers’ Association of Nigeria (MCAN) is the association that coordinates the affairs of Muslim Youth Corps members throughout the Federation. The establishment of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1973 necessitated the emergency of MCAN among Muslim Corps Members to realize the numerous advantages that could be derived from channelling Da’wah activities through the scheme. It was established in 1978/1979 service year and registered with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in 1994. 

MCAN as a religious organization under NYSC Scheme registered has its Headquarters in Mabushi Abuja, and branches all over 36 states and 774 LGAs of the Federation, including the FCT. MCAN is also a member of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and a sister to all Muslim Organization across the Federation.

The membership of the Association is open to all serving Muslim Corps Members across the Federation, including the FCT. All serving Muslim Corps Members constitute MCAN upon registration with MCAN on their arrival at the NYSC Orientation Camps.

Our Mission

Adhere to the Pristine teachings of Islam in all affairs of life. 

Our Vision

Towards Achieving an Ideal (Moral Bound) Islamic Society.

Our Slogan

Serving Islam (Allah) Through the Nation.


1. To serve as coordinating body and a forum in the exchange of ideas between Muslim Corps members in all part of the country.

2. To protect the legitimate interest and rights of all Muslim Youth Corps Members in the Country.

3. To promote better understanding of Islam among Muslim Corps Members, students and rest of the populace with a view to having a more dedicated and unified Ummah.

4. To compliment the efforts of various Islamic organizations in the propagation of Islam in Nigeria and throughout the world.


The association works towards achieving the set aims and objectives through the various programmes at the various levels of the organisation.

The programmes of the association have been scheduled in line with those of the NYSC to allow members to participate fully in the National Youth Service without hindrance and at the same time contribute in no small measure to personal and community development activities. Thus, we have the pre-orientation camp programmes, orientation programmes, and post-orientation programmes.

(A) The Pre-Orientation Programme: The programme is aimed at raising the consciousness of potential corps members in institutions within the country. Here, MCAN liaises with Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) by jointly organising seminars to familiarise prospective corps members with the programmes of MCAN and NYSC.

Pamphlets are also distributed to increase outreach. These programmes start at about 2-3 months to the announced date of commencement of orientation.

(B) The Orientation Programme: This programme commences as the orientation camp opens for each service year across the country. Here, the objectives are; to identify and mobilise Muslim corps members, to provide an atmosphere for pursuing Islamic personal development and closer interaction between Muslim corps members of various backgrounds. It also provides an opportunity to reach out to non-Muslims.

These objectives are achieved by:-

Having representatives of MCAN present lectures on orientation camps
Use of posters, welcome banners, and notice boards to publicise mosque activities
Regular Da’wah programmes in the Mosque over the period of orientation, with syllabus covering different aspects of the religion, such as ‘Aqeedah, ‘ibaadah, and mu’amalaat.
Islamic video show
The memorisation of short verses of the Qur’an during Mosque activities
Minor humanitarian works on the camp by the corps members to improve interaction, e.g. improving a drainage outlet, construction of small bridge, etc.

(C) The Post-Orientation Activities: The post-orientation activities run from when corps members leave orientation camps to the very last day before their passing out parade. These activities are generally divided into educational/Da’wah programmes, visitation programmes and community development programmes.

  1. Educational/Da’wah Programmesincludes
  2. · Weekly Al-Usrah programme
  3. · Arabic and Qur’anic classes for MCAN members
  4. · Village weekend Da’wah programmes
  5. · Radio and television programmes in more than 16 states of the federation
  6. · Publishing of monthly bulletin
  7. · Classes for reverts
  8. · Free tutorial classes in secondary schools in over 12 states of the federation
  9. · National seminars and leadership training programmes e.g. seminar on nikkah etc.
  10. Visitation Programme involves
  11. · Regular visits to prisons across the country. Here, the visitation holds every Friday where corps members conduct Jum’ah services together with the inmates or on a monthly basis which involves lectures and distribution of gifts.
  12. · Visiting motherless babies’ homes. This usually takes place bi-annually,
  13. · Other visits are also organised based on the circumstances

(D). Community Development Programmes involves

· Renovating and construction of Mosques and Arabic schools in communities. Some projects are completed over years.

· Islamic video clubs/book centres in over 20 states of the federation with the biggest at the National (Mosque) Headquarters, Abuja.