Survey Results: China’s Approach to Taiwan

Topic: International Image / Military
Source: ChinaPower

To gain insights into China’s approach to Taiwan, ChinaPower polled 64 leading experts on China, Taiwan, and cross-Strait relations. The experts polled include 28 former high-level U.S. government (USG) officials from both Democrat and Republican administrations, as well as 23 former USG policy and intelligence analysts and 13 top experts from academia and think tanks. Responses were collected from August 10–September 8, 2022. Click “Download” to see the anonymized survey results and to find out more about the survey methodology.

77 percent of experts surveyed by ChinaPower believe China would immediately invade if Taiwan declared independence. View

63 percent of surveyed experts think a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is possible in the next 10 years. View

Only 20 percent of respondents believe China has a coherent strategy for peacefully unifying Taiwan. View